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Thought for the Month  -  September

A modern mission parable

A dentist wanted to set up a practice in an area which was in desperate need. He researched and discovered a community with the worst dental hygiene in the whole country.

The poor hygiene affected everyone from the oldest to the youngest. Everyone seemed to forget the importance of brushing your teeth therefore the good news was not passed on anymore.

The dentist was a caring man and set up his shop in the centre of the town. After months of preparation and planning he now had the premises, the chair, lights, sterilising equipment, you name it and he had it.

Bright and early on Monday morning he opened the doors of his new dental practice expecting queues to be around the corner waiting for his services, however not one person was waiting, none turned up.

A strategy was needed to win the people around. He thought long and hard and decided he couldn't just advertise the reason why he was there (because the people have the worst teeth in the country) so opted for a more gentle approach.

He decided he would put on a coffee morning. The coffee mornings were so successful that they soon had to open on Tuesdays and then Wednesdays, now he was serving coffee most mornings but still there was no one in the surgery!

He was disheartened, he had spent many years training as a dentist, he could spot the problems people were having with their teeth but was too embarrassed to tell them in case he upset them or offended them and so this dentist worked out the rest of his life serving coffee.

The results were the communities dental health declined, growing worse and worse until one day another dentist came into town and advertised his practice and many teeth were saved!!

I can¬t remember where I heard this so can`t acknowledge the source but it has always stuck with me. When we think about mission and evangelism strategies are we being as bold as we could be?

Food for thought.

God bless.  Rev Ken

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