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Thought for the Month  -  June

A Foggy Day

A favourite story in our house when the children were little was ‘Postman Pat’s Foggy Day’. Pat gets lost in a fog, has various mix ups with scarecrows and rabbits, then is led back to the village by the sound of the church bells. We read it countless times, and when I looked at the book again recently, it was still so familiar! Summer may seem an odd time for an article on fog, but it can still surround us, hypothetically, on the brightest of days, and a sea mist at the beach can certainly spoil a day out.
We all have times when we can’t see the way ahead and it bothers us. We feel more comfortable when we can see where we are headed. The demands of daily life can often cloud our ability to see God’s way clearly. Sometimes the fog is a result of our unwillingness to deal with the challenges to faith that life presents.
In the Mark Ch 9, we read of the Transfiguration of Jesus and verse 7 says: Then a cloud overshadowed them and from the cloud there came a voice, “this is my Son, Listen to him!”.
God was in the cloud.
In Luke 8 we read of the disciples being in a boat when a storm blew up and the boat was being swamped. But Jesus was resting in the boat with them. It was when the cried out to him, he calmed the storm.
Jesus was with them in the storm.
We are not alone in our foggy times. Like Postman Pat, we need to listen for God’s guidance and takes steps towards his voice.

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