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Thought for the Month  -  July

I wanted to write this month about Summer and sunshine sand and sea holidays and hope.
And then so much darkness came into our Country, Death of innocent people by bomb, knife, vehicle and fire, It has become impossible to read the papers without tears flowing and hearts aching. And we hear the question and even think it in our deepest thoughts “Where is God in all this pain?” And we who know him and love him realize that he is there In the theatre foyer on London Bridge In Grenfell Towers. Man kills not God, Man makes mistakes not God, Man hates not God, God has always been with us right from before the World began we know that he is reliable, trustworthy, loving, enduring because he has shown us we have his promises to lean on “I am with you always.” “I will never leave you or forsake you.” “I will take all your burdens.” And it’s true he does, How do we know? Because he’s proved himself in the past and he will again. Through all the hatred and death there has been an overriding feeling if love, Love wins through and our God is a God of love, Love which  feels our pain, knows our suffering and understands our fear and doubt. So don’t be bitter about what has happened.be sad but not broken because our God of love is in our midst.

Blessing  Linda Stannard

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