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Thought for the Month -  July


It’s here – the fortnight that tennis lovers enjoy!

For some it means a grandstand seat and strawberries and cream. For others it means queuing outside all night in the hopes of buying a ticket for just one match on Centre Court. For yet others it’s about watching the telly and later blowing the dust off the tennis racquet and having a knock about on the local courts.

But for the players it means the culmination of weeks, months and years of training, practice and hard slog. It means injuries, big dreams and crushing disappointments. In some ways the Christian life is similar. Some seem to sail through with enjoyment and little hardship whereas others struggle. Some come to worship God only once or twice a year whereas others come almost every week. Some make a supreme effort now and again and some faithfully try to live out God’s wishes all life through. The Christian life isn’t just a supreme effort now and again…it’s about a life-long struggle to be faithful. It’s not a one-off event – but life-long training, with our training manual – The Bible!

I’m sure many of us will remember the tears of those who lose out in the Wimbledon final. But it reminds me, that sometimes our best efforts can leave us in tears, wishing that life had turned out differently. But God is ALWAYS faithful and is always here for us and will not let us down. Let’s praise him for all that is past and trust him for all that’s to come!

Every blessing,

"Past Thoughts"

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