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Thought for the Month -  October

I think my hair is becoming more and more like leaves on an autumn tree! As I get older it is changing colour and falling off.

We can mark the changing seasons by the trees; from the bareness of winter through the first flush of green in spring to the darker greens of summer and the golden tints of autumn. You can tell the type of tree by the outline of its silhouette and the shape of its leaves. Without trees our countryside would be bare and barren, trees give height and depth to the hills and dales.

Trees are an important source of many of creation’s gifts - the fruits, apples and pears, of harvest time; the bark for tanning and cork making; the trunk and branches are gathered for the fire; the leaves that fall return to the earth as humus. Every part of a tree plays its part in the great cycle of life.

From Eden at the beginning in Genesis to the new city of Jerusalem in Revelation trees have an important place in the Bible too. They carry the fruits of a harvest to be gathered, but also are a symbol of the fruits of good and evil. It was the fruit of a tree that was used to tell of humanity’s downfall (Genesis chapter 3 – but note that the Bible never mentions the much maligned apple!). Yet in Revelation (chapter 22 v 2) it is the leaves of the tree that will bring healing to the nations (an early form of sticking plaster?).

When you see a tree standing tall and strong remember that God creates each one. They bend with the wind and become daily stronger. They provide for our needs. Whether it is a single tree in a field or one lost within the depths of a great forest without that tree the world would be a lesser place. So emulate the trees, bear good fruit, be a healer for the nations, and whether you are one alone or part of a crowd do what you can to stand strong and tall for others.

As the fruit unto the fig-tree,
As the dew unto the grass,
So, Lord, art thou to me.                               Hymns & Psalms 30

God bless you this harvest time.


Rev Peter Sheasby

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