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Thought for the Month  - December

Dear Friends,

Christmas time will soon be upon us again – an important time it seems for the commercial world. Decorations and advertising are already well under way in the shops; I have heard some carols being played. It’s an important time too for families; family reunions and giving of gifts are so much part of the season. Christmas cards are also important; they are a means of keeping in contact with friends we rarely see.

In fact, Christmas is an important time for the entire human race; Jesus came for everyone. His coming is so significant that, for most countries, the years are dated from his birth; His coming is God’s indelible mark on our human history.
As you have read these words, you may well have been nodding in agreement with me. Yet haven’t I forgotten something? What about the build-up to Christmas? What about Advent?

Of course, Advent is of vital importance. During the days of Advent, you will no doubt make many preparations; order a turkey, send out greeting cards, buy presents, put up decorations and lights, prepare special food. But let’s not forget the most important preparation to make for Christmas is to prepare your own heart for God, to be ready for the second coming of Jesus.

Do you remember playing “hide & seek”, and how the ‘seeker’ usually began the hunt with the words “Coming, ready or not!”? Well, that’s just what Jesus says to us with his words: “.... stay awake, because you do not know the day or the hour when your master is coming...”

This Advent, prepare your heart to meet God, because one day you may hear those words: Coming – ready or not!
In love and peace

Rev Tanya

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