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Thought for the Month -  September

Isaiah Ch 40 v 31. Those who trust in the Lord will soar on wings like eagles.

We all have times in our lives when we find it harder to trust, We are desperate, waiting for a diagnosis or getting one which throws our lives into turmoil, Needing money to pay a bill. being made redundant, retiring,being berieved So many circumstances which bring fear to us and a sense of hopelessness. but those are the very times we need to trust, We need to have the Lord to turn to. and we often say how do those who don't know the Lord survive. And yet there is still the feeling of dispair I always pray for people that in their dispair they will feel the Lords arms around them. and that is it also in your loss and dispair and fear and hopelessness. turn to the one who wants to comfort you and provide for you and lift you so that in that turning to him you can feel as though you are on wings like an eagle held on the wind safe in his arms.

God bless you all

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