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Thought for the Month - May

Peace in the midst of the chaos.

    What strange and unprecedented times we are living in. Many people are consumed with anxiety and fear about Covid 19, others are lonely, or struggling with ill health, or mourning loved ones; many are hating the lockdown and longing to get out, and yet others would love to be confined to home, but instead have to continue to venture out and go to work, as they are key workers. For everyone then, it is a challenge, one that is harder to navigate through for some people than others, and as we have never faced this before and we don’t know how long it’s going to last, we have to find a way through. Christian faith is a great help and encouragement, as we can lean on Jesus when our own strength fails.

     Even though the virus is new, the experiences of fear and uncertainty are certainly not. Have you noticed how many post-Resurrection stories in the gospels demonstrate this? Here are three examples: the two weary, discouraged travellers on the road to Emmaus meet a stranger who explains the Scriptures to them, and they invite him in for a meal – and as He gives thanks for the food – they see that it is Jesus! (Luke 24:13-32) Then the disciples are cowering behind closed doors, when Jesus stands amongst them and says “Peace”. (Luke 24:36). The disciples who went fishing, catch nothing but then a stranger on the shore speaks to them, their nets are suddenly full of fish and then the stranger invites them to have breakfast with him - again, it is Jesus! (John 21)

      I wonder how many times Jesus is with us and we do not recognise him, do not hear him say ‘Peace’ and do not pause for a moment and allow ourselves to experience that peace that he gives – the peace that passes all understanding.

     If you like me have moments of anxiety, read one of the many beautiful resurrection stories in the gospels- the references for three of them are above. Imagine yourself there in that story, speak to Jesus, listen to Jesus, hear him say “Peace” to you. Although I’m a Christian minister, I am nevertheless prone to anxiety and fear, and can only share with you what has helped me.

May God bless you, protect you and keep you safe. Amen

Fiona De Boltz

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