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Thought for the Month -  January

As another New Year starts, at Pickering, we are celebrating moving into our newly refurbished church hall. After the initial joy at seeing the building in all its newness, we are left wondering about how things will work in practical terms. How will we fit things in to our new space and how do we work in the kitchen where things are set out so differently? What new things might we do in our new building and how will they fit in around the things we already do?
But this is no different to any other church in some ways. Each church is challenged to ask themselves “What should we be doing in this place?” and sometimes it is also necessary to ask if there are things that we are doing simply because we have always done them and not because they are still effective. Do these need to be updated or changed?
Our buildings, like everything, are given to us by God as a gift and a resource, to use to His glory and to bring people closer to knowing Him. We must be prepared to try new things and even to fail sometimes in our new ventures, as we seek to fulfil our calling and show God’s love to the world.
Our New Year’s Resolution could be to try something new in our churches, because God delights to meet new needs as we have found in Pickering, the things we needed to refurbish the church were provided once we committed to going ahead with the scheme. So “Be brave, be strong, for the Lord, your God is with you” and do something new and exciting for God in your church.

Happy New Year

Karen Pattison
Lay worker - Pickering

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